Sweating on the face: bye bye beads of sweat!

by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022

Sweating on the face: bye bye beads of sweat!

The forehead is shiny, the hairline is wet and the nose is studded with small beads of sweat. A completely normal phenomenon when a heat wave sweeps over Germany or you have really worked yourself out at a fitness course. For some people, however, it means sheer horror. Because they not only sweat like most people during intensive physical activity, high stress or extreme temperatures. On the contrary: Even small everyday challenges, minimal nervousness or a slightly higher room temperature can be enough to boost your sweat production and really make you sweat. Sometimes just the thought of something potentially uncomfortable is enough to make you sweat.

Many of those affected are ashamed and are increasingly withdrawing into their own four walls. They avoid contact with other people, neglect good friends and prefer to be alone. Social withdrawal is supposedly the only way for them to no longer have to be ashamed and to be able to hide their sweating.

Sweating on the face is the worst
Anyone who sweats a lot or heavily knows the problem: everything revolves around the question of how best to conceal those annoying sweat stains. what do i wear Which colors do I wear best? Do I also have the emergency handkerchief in my pocket in case a heat wave hits me? Is the change shirt also ready to hand?
Sweating on the face is usually the most unpleasant thing for those affected. A wide variety of areas can be affected, e.g. nose, upper lip, cheeks, forehead, hairline or even the scalp. A real problem in this context often arises when sweat gets into the eyes and these are constantly irritated as a result. However, the psychological effects should not be underestimated either: In contrast to other parts of the body, sweating on the face can hardly be concealed and thus causes enormous psychological suffering in those affected. The fact that the large and small beads of sweat are obvious and easy to spot for those around you triggers an enormous feeling of shame. At the same time, those affected usually experience an oppressive feeling of helplessness, because they know that the wet droplets on the forehead or face, in contrast to other parts of the body, such as the armpits, can hardly be hidden: even frequent dabbing ultimately only causes one temporary reduction.

In addition, the overwhelming feeling of shame can even increase sweating. As soon as sufferers notice that they are starting to sweat, they become uncomfortable, nervous and experience stress. As a result, the body releases more stress hormones, the body temperature rises and with it the production of sweat. A real vicious circle with negative consequences for mental well-being.

Reliable protection with antiperspirants
A reliable and subtle way to get a grip on unpleasant facial sweating is to use an antiperspirant such as Odaban. What is special about the Odaban antiperspirant is its unique combination of active ingredients, which allows those affected to use the spray on their face and scalp. Simply spray the spray onto a cotton pad and dab the affected areas with it. After just a few applications, it reduces sweat production to a considerable extent and thus provides those affected with a completely new attitude to life. The circling thoughts about the choice of clothes are finally a thing of the past, as is the oppressive feeling of shame and the associated avoidance of direct contact with other people.