Nothing new in winter!

by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022

Nothing new in winter!

Who does not know it? After a nice day of skiing or snowboarding, stop off comfortably in the hut or the hotel to end the day. If it weren't for the constantly circling thoughts of the foot and shoe smell that fills the room as soon as you take off your ski or snowboard boots, because after a long day on the slopes your feet burn as if you were on glowing coals ran. The smell coming out of the shoe is unbearable. The robust footwear serves to protect the feet, but ski and snowboard boots also have a decisive disadvantage: extremely poor ventilation. Due to the permanent moisture, the skin on the feet swells and becomes susceptible to germs and fungi. A vicious circle - because as soon as bacteria decompose the fresh, odorless sweat, the unpleasant smelling feet develop. Since foot hygiene alone is not enough, those affected are often faced with an unsatisfactory solution: should I leave the shoes on or do I jump into the shower and put the shoes as far away as possible or even outside? Whichever variant is chosen, none of this is relaxed.

There is a simple and effective solution.

Counteract the unpleasant odor with Odaban foot and shoe powder
Foot odor is a common problem. Amazing: Even baby feet can have a slightly cheesy scent long before they wear their first shoes. This is because feet sweat easily and there are numerous sweat glands in the skin of the feet.

Although sweating is a normal body reaction to heat, many people feel embarrassed if they have a sweat problem, but feel left alone with their problem. For example, if you are struggling with a problem with sweaty feet, you often forget to treat your shoes as well. Even if the feet are odor free, the problem will return once the shoes are worn again. Odaban's foot and shoe powder is therefore sprinkled directly into the shoes. It works with the natural power of the kawa-kawa plant, its germ-reducing properties help to prevent the strong odor in the long term, in contrast to a conventional shoe deodorant. You simply put a spoon (measuring spoon is included in the box) of Odaban foot and shoe powder in the shoes and then shake them until the powder is distributed. After that, the ski or snowboard boots are worn as usual. After five uses, there will be hardly any odors. In order to achieve long-term protection, it is necessary to use the product consistently for seven to ten days.