by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022


Application of the Odaban antiperspirant
The Odaban antiperspirant can be used all over the body. It must not come into contact with mucous membranes. It is important that the Odaban antiperspirant, regardless of where it is applied to the body, is always applied immediately before bedtime and on perfectly dry skin. As soon as initial protection has built up, which is usually the case after three to five uses, the Odaban antiperspirant should only be used as needed (once or twice a week).

Applying the Odaban antiperspirant to the head
You can also use the Odaban antiperspirant on your face. This is not a problem. Odaban should not be used on irritated or irritated skin.

Odaban Antiperspirant was originally only developed for the armpit and foot area. In the course of time, however, a wide variety of areas of application have emerged. We have many customers who use Odaban very successfully on their faces.

Odaban should also only be applied in the evening when used on the face. Please never spray directly into the face, but always apply Odaban with the help of a cotton or cosmetic pad (1-2 sprays are sufficient).

Please wash the treated skin areas normally the next morning. For use on the face, it is usually sufficient to use it once a week or as needed. Please never treat the entire head with Odaban, but only individual affected skin areas, since sweat also has a cooling function. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend testing the Odaban antiperspirant on a small area before applying it over a large area.

Use of Odaban antiperspirant during pregnancy or breastfeeding
The Odaban antiperspirant is a "cosmetic product". According to the law, cosmetic products must always be safe. Also for expectant and breastfeeding mothers. Before it was launched in Germany, Odaban was subjected to several safety assessments, all of which were positive. You can therefore use the Odaban antiperspirant without hesitation use during pregnancy and lactation.

When not to use the Odaban antiperspirant
An antiperspirant should not be used during the day. The simple reason for this is that we sweat more during the day. As a result, the active ingredient aluminum chloride reacts with water to form a by-product and unpleasant skin irritation can occur. You should therefore refrain from using it during the day. It is also not advisable to use an antiperspirant after you have just shaved your armpits, as this leads to extremely small injuries to the skin's surface and can cause skin irritation after using an antiperspirant.

What should you avoid when using the Odaban antiperspirant?
A very important aspect when using Odaban antiperspirant is that the skin must be absolutely dry at the time of application. There must be no residual moisture in the armpits. If there is still residual moisture in the armpits, the effect of the product cannot unfold optimally, and the residual moisture can cause skin irritation, itching or burning. Many users who use the Odaban antiperspirant for the first time often have the problem that they still sweat a little in the evening, i.e. that a certain residual moisture can hardly be avoided. Here we recommend using Odaban Antiperspirant immediately before going to bed and drying the armpits with a little talcum powder or a hair dryer beforehand. In this way you can ensure that there is no residual moisture in the armpits.

Another mistake that is often made when applying is that too much of the Odaban antiperspirant is applied per application. 1 spray per armpit is sufficient. If you have sensitive skin, we always recommend applying it with a cotton or cosmetic pad. Please wash off product residues normally the next morning.

Odaban Antiperspirant should only be used once or twice a week after an "initial protection" has been built up.

In addition, the Odaban antiperspirant should not be used too often, as this means that the spray cannot achieve the desired effect. The reason for this is that if used too often, the sweat gland outlets are completely "blocked". The sweat that collects behind the blockage will eventually break through that blockage. As a result, sweating increases again.

Should this nevertheless be the case, then the Odaban antiperspirant must not be used for a period of approx. two to three weeks. After this application-free interval, the effect will be the same as when you started using it.

Thus, Odaban remains a very effective, safe product for a long time.