Sweating despite the cold

by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022

Sweating despite the cold

There are quite a few people who sweat quickly even when the temperature is below zero. You're actually happy that the summer temperatures are dropping a little and you no longer have to pay attention to the subject of "your own sweat", as it was at summer 25 degrees Celsius, but the sweat continues unabated. A vicious circle that is sometimes difficult to break. Sweat secretion is influenced by various factors. Thermoregulation via perspiration always kicks in when the body needs to cool down to protect itself from overheating.
The so-called evaporation heat, which is produced by sweating, gives the body the required body temperature and the cooling effect begins. With a few simple tricks, you can still significantly reduce sweating in winter.

If you sweat excessively despite the cold season and what you can do about it
As soon as you go outside through the apartment or front door, it can get freezing cold. Nevertheless, it can well be that the body begins to sweat extremely quickly despite the low temperatures. Those affected sweat profusely and independently of natural causes such as heat, stress or physical exertion. Sweating in winter or when it is cold is basically nothing unusual and is rarely caused by an illness. Because often it is simply due to unfavorable clothing that we prefer to wear in winter. It should ideally be warm and windproof and waterproof. However, the problem with choosing clothes in the colder season is that heat build-up can also be triggered. The body is then only poorly able to evaporate the heat as usual. With airtight winter clothing, the body also feels overheated in the supposedly protected areas, despite the cold outside temperatures, so that cooling is stimulated by sweating.

What you can do in winter to counter sweat secretions is shown below:

Basically, care should be taken

  • to get rid of winter clothing as quickly as possible when coming from the cold back into the warm, so that the body can adapt to the temperature difference as quickly as possible. You should therefore quickly ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Furthermore, it is advisable to ensure that the clothing for the cold season consists of textiles that are also breathable. The skin can then breathe optimally and the moisture is quickly transported from the skin to the outside, so that an optimal regulation of the body temperature is possible.
  • Especially for low temperatures are z. B. garments made of wool
  • Alcohol and nicotine are not only harmful to health, they also stimulate the body and thus contribute to sweating more quickly. Therefore, consumption should be kept to a minimum.
  • A healthy diet can also help to counteract or even prevent unpleasant sweating. Incidentally, this does not only apply to the summer months. Anyone who generally sweats quickly should avoid hot and/or heavily seasoned food if possible. It is better to eat light food such as fruit and vegetables.

  • Another proven remedy for excessive sweating for many people is weight loss combined with a healthy diet. Being overweight almost always demands significantly higher energy reserves from the body than is the case, for example, with people of “normal weight”. So if you have too much on your ribs, you should try to bring your weight back into a normal range. Then the annoying sweat attacks will be less.
  • It is also very important to drink enough liquid – preferably at least 2 liters per day. You don't sweat more or sweat faster because you drink more, the opposite is actually the case. Of course, when choosing drinks, you should make sure that you don't just drink sugar water. Mineral water and fruit juices without sugar are ideal.An antiperspirant like Odaban Spray also works very well and very quickly. As a rule, the flow of sweat is effectively regulated after just one to three uses and it is not without reason that many dermatologists around the world recommend it as a remedy for excessive sweating.

  • Visits to the sauna also help your body get to know higher temperatures better and can thus more easily control the activity of the sweat glands. Due to the sudden temperature fluctuations, the heat regulation of the human body is strongly stimulated and required. At the same time, a regular visit to the sauna makes a very important contribution to strengthening the immune system and has a positive influence on other illnesses or everyday problems.