Why Do We Sweat?

by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022

Why Do We Sweat?

Everyone strives to develop themselves and to increase their individual quality of life to the greatest possible extent. Excessive sweating is more than an annoying problem in this regard, as it often severely restricts personal freedom. People who suffer from this problem often withdraw, because nobody likes to endure the pitying looks of others. Home remedies such as sage tea or alternating baths usually only have a short-term effect or even no effect at all.

causes of sweating
Sweat production is basically a protective function of the body, which is intended to prevent the organism from overheating.

Another reason for the sometimes violent activity of the sweat glands can be stressful situations. The so-called cold sweat runs down your back. This is a reflex that occurs in particularly stressful situations. A chemical process in the body is responsible for the fact that we sweat particularly heavily in these situations. Blood sugar rises, cortisone is released, which leads to an adrenaline rush. This reflex was often vital in the Stone Age, because it sharpens the senses, releases energy and we start to sweat. The Stone Age people were able to escape the impending danger. Today the reflex is rather annoying. The high level of adrenaline in the blood ensures that the skin is less supplied with blood and cools down. Sweat has a hard time evaporating on cool skin, which is why it is also called cold sweat. We cannot stop the reflex, but we can contain the negative symptoms.

Some people tend to carry the stress of the day with them to sleep and therefore suffer from sweating, especially at night. The reason for this is often the stress of the day, which is reduced during sleep. It gets very uncomfortable when you wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself in sheets soaked in sweat. Unrestorative sleep puts additional stress on the body and can also cause a real problem for your partner.
People who suffer from excessive sweat production are often stuck in a vicious cycle. The stress factor they are exposed to increases immeasurably as the fear of sweating triggers renewed stress, which in turn leads to sweating. Relaxation techniques and meditation only help to a limited extent. In order to escape this vicious circle, a reliable and fast-acting remedy against sweating is necessary.

Furthermore, there are also phases of life in which it is quite normal to sweat more. Female menopause is just one example. In this phase, which is part of every woman's life, the hormonal changes in the body ensure that excessive sweat is sometimes produced. So-called hot flashes are the result. The sweating cannot be controlled and therefore often leads to very unpleasant situations, especially the face is often affected. Most women are relieved after the body's adjustment phase and the sweat glands return to their normal activity. Nevertheless, there are also some women for whom this is unfortunately not the case. Sweat production does not reduce completely again. In order to lead a carefree, active life and to maintain the youthful quality of life, an efficient remedy against sweating is advisable.