Sweaty spring fever? No thanks!

by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022

Sweaty spring fever? No thanks!

It's the same phenomenon every year. The first rays of sunshine are shining, the temperatures are rising and slowly but surely life is returning to the landscape. But while some are looking forward to the long-awaited start of spring, for some others an inexorable time of uneasiness is beginning. Because they primarily associate one thing with rising temperatures: heavy sweating, annoying sweat stains under the arms and the ever-present fear of the funny looks of their fellow human beings. Not a trace of the all too often mentioned spring fever! But what to do?

Rising temperatures make the tills ring
If you don't want to be surprised by unpleasant sweat stains, you can take precautions and stock up on plenty of deodorant before the start of spring. And indeed, the sales figures show that as soon as spring knocks at the door, the demand for deodorants and antiperspirants also increases. This is more than understandable in view of the taboo subject of sweating, because heavy sweating can actually be a real mood killer - not only on the first date, but also on a nice barbecue with friends.

Both conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are particularly in demand among the remedies for heavy sweating. In this context, the decisive factor when choosing a product is always the intensity of perspiration, because only an antiperspirant can actually regulate sweat production. So if you finally want to fight the annoying sweating, you should definitely use an antiperspirant.

Finally enjoying the sunshine again
Used once or twice a week, the antiperspirant helps to reduce sweat production and thus ensures that annoying sweat stains do not form in the first place. Spring is so much more fun! After all, without the constant fear of sweating, you can sit in the sun much more relaxed and you can finally enjoy the first rays of sunshine to the fullest.

Affected people who suffer from heavy sweating know how profound the consequences can be in everyday life and in leisure activities. It's better to stay cool at home, turn on the television or read a good book than taking a walk through the fields or eating your first ice cream. And that with the first rays of sunshine. Because while others only look for a pleasantly shady spot in midsummer, they avoid the sun for fear of possible sweating at the beginning of the year. It is clear that this can really spoil the mood in the long run. Those affected often have to struggle with psychological problems and withdraw from their social environment. They lack the time in the fresh air, the contact to other people and they feel more and more restricted in their everyday life.

While some are actively looking for a solution to their sweating problem for precisely this reason, the majority of those affected only realize afterwards how much sweating has really affected their private and professional lives. They only notice much later how much joie de vivre they have lost due to the constant fear of sweating. But they both have one thing in common: the knowledge that they have finally got over sweating and the fear of sweat stains means they can enjoy every spring twice as much.