Heavy sweating during menopause

by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022

Heavy sweating during menopause

Hot flashes, profuse sweating and sweating are among the most common side effects of menopause. In particular, the sudden outbreaks of sweating are experienced by the affected women as extremely unpleasant and stressful. During this time, some women not only feel a lower quality of life but also an enormous psychological strain. What many do not know: in addition to the well-known hormone replacement therapies, cosmetic products, such as the use of an antiperspirant, often help.

Menopause and sweating - What is behind it?
How is it that many women sweat more during their menopause? In most cases, the cause is disturbed heat regulation, which is associated with hormonal changes in the body. Hot flashes and sweating are therefore nothing unusual at first. However, the exact connections are still unclear. Scientists assume that one of the main reasons for the increased sweating during menopause is the falling estrogen level: Accordingly, the low estrogen concentration in the blood is decisive for the malfunction of the central thermoregulation.

Heavy sweating and spontaneous sweating are not necessarily a sign of a permanent illness. On the contrary: Hot flashes and sweating often occur more frequently at the beginning of the menopause and disappear again after one to two years. It is therefore a temporary phenomenon that has nothing to do with an overactive sweat gland caused by a disease.

What you can do if you sweat profusely and break out in a sweat:
If hot flashes and sweating severely impair the quality of life or have a negative effect on psychological well-being, a visit to the gynecologist is always advisable. In the case of hormonal sweating, herbal preparations or physical therapy methods, such as cold-blooded foot baths or acupuncture, can alleviate the symptoms. Taking artificial hormones can also help. However, these so-called hormone replacement therapies are controversial from a medical point of view, since they are associated with serious health risks. A decision should therefore always be made after careful consideration and in consultation with the doctor.

What most women don't know is that cosmetic products often have a great effect. The use of an antiperspirant is particularly promising. It helps to reduce sweating to a normal level - without artificially supplied hormones and time-consuming visits to the acupuncture practice. Due to its quick and easy application, those affected can continue to go about their everyday lives as normal and do not experience any additional restrictions on their personal freedom. Thus, the antiperspirant can be seen in two ways as a guarantee for a better quality of life.

A healthy lifestyle can support the effect
In addition to the hormonal changes during menopause, other factors can also promote increased sweating. Stress, obesity and lack of exercise are the usual suspects in this context. In addition, coffee, alcohol, and spicy or difficult-to-digest foods can increase sweating. In order to effectively counteract the annoying outbreaks of sweat and to reduce sweating in the long term, it is essential to ensure sufficient exercise and a balanced diet.