Skin Tolerance

by Marcus Fritze on Dec 27, 2022

Skin Tolerance

Antiperspirant skin tolerance
An antiperspirant should always be used in the evening to prevent possible skin irritation. Ideally right before bed. Another important aspect when using the Odaban Antiperspirant Spray is that the skin must be "dust dry" at the time of application. There must be no residual moisture left on the skin. In order to achieve this, the skin can also be pre-treated with a commercially available talcum powder, available in any pharmacy. A hair dryer can also be used to get the residual moisture out of the armpits, for example. There is a very simple reason why the skin should be dry when using an antiperspirant. The active ingredient in an antiperspirant is usually an aluminum compound or a combination of different aluminum salts. If this active ingredient comes into contact with water or sweat, an undesirable by-product called aluminum hydroxide is formed. This by-product can cause skin irritation, which can cause a slight burning sensation and redness. To counteract these skin irritations, Odaban's antiperspirant does not contain water as a carrier, but high-proof alcohol. Another advantage compared to the carrier water is that the alcohol evaporates very quickly during a spraying process and only a small percentage remains on the skin surface - so the active ingredient "aluminium chloride" has no chance to react with the water.

Antiperspirant for very sensitive skin
If you have very sensitive skin, we also recommend spraying the Odaban antiperspirant onto a cotton or cosmetic pad and then dabbing the area of ​​skin to be treated with this pad. The application on the head area should always be done with a cotton or cosmetic pad. Never spray the spray directly on your face.

Avoid application errors
The Odaban Antiperspirant Spray should not be used together with other products, such as a night cream. If a night cream is usually used, the cream should not be used during the first 2-3 days of Odaban use. After the antiperspirant has brought about initial regulation, which usually happens after about 3-5 applications, it is sufficient to only use the antiperspirant as needed. On the days in between, a night cream can be used as usual.

Another mistake that is often made when using the spray is applying too much Odaban antiperspirant spray per application. 1 spray per armpit is sufficient. Product residue should be washed off normally the morning after use.