Antiperspirant Deo Stick

Stops sweating and cares for the skin

In collaboration with ODABAN, we have exclusively developed the effective anti-perspirant deodorant stick for daily use.Thanks to its unique formula, it instantly protects you against sweating while gently caring for your skin.It is optimised for underarm use, but can also be used on other parts of the body.

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HYDONIS by odaban® Antiperspirant Deo Stick
HYDONIS by odaban® Antiperspirant Deo Stick

HYDONIS by odaban® Antiperspirant Deo Stick

✅ Designed for sensitive skin

✅ Effective protection against sweating

✅ With nourishing ingredients

✅ Discreet unisex fragrance

✅ Guaranteed to work, or your money back

✅ Safe to use

✅ For daily use.

ℹ Our tip: The HYDONIS by Odaban Deo Stick is an ideal combination partner for the Odaban Spray.

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HYDONIS by odaban® Antiperspirant Deo Stick

HYDONIS by odaban® Antiperspirant Deo Stick


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100% money back guarantee

Odaban® works. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the spray and foot powder.

Effective already after the first application

Sweating is effectively regulated after just one application. The carefully balanced formulation also gently and reliably protects against skin irritations such as burning or itching. Numerous skin clinics and dermatologists therefore recommend Odaban® products even for heavy sweating.

Why the HYDONIS by ODABAN® deodorant stick is the solution for you

As an anti-perspirant deodorant stick for daily use, it is optimised for use on the armpits, but can also be used on the hands, feet, chest, scalp and other areas of the body.

    Odaban's safety now confirmed by BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) Who is not familiar with the recurring debate about aluminium in antiperspirants? At regular intervals, consumers are confronted with negative headlines suggesting an alleged link between aluminium in antiperspirants and an increased risk of developing breast cancer or Alzheimer's disease. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has now published a reassessment on aluminium-containing antiperspirants from 2020, which concludes that adverse health effects from regular use of antiperspirants containing ACH are unlikely based on current scientific knowledge. Read for yourself:

    Read for yourself: Download Studie (PDF)


Guaranteed protection against sweating

Odaban® works. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the spray and foot powder.

Harmless use

Odaban® can be used safely, this has been confirmed by the BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment).


Anti-perspirant Deo Stick

The tolerable everyday antiperspirant without an intrusive fragrance

    The stick is especially designed for application to the armpits. Application to the forehead, back, chest, hands, feet, bends of the arms and back of the knees is also possible.

    You can also use the HYDONIS by Odaban deodorant stick on your face. Only on irritated or irritated skin should Odaban not be used. Odaban antiperspirant was originally developed only for the armpit and foot area. Over time, however, a wide variety of applications have emerged. We have many customers who use Odaban very successfully on the face. Odaban should also only be applied in the evening when used on the face. Please wash the treated skin areas normally the next morning. For facial application, it is usually sufficient to apply 1-2 times a week or as needed. Please never treat the entire head with Odaban, but only individual affected skin areas, as the sweat also has a cooling function. For sensitive skin, we recommend testing the Odaban antiperspirant on a small area first before applying it to a large area.

    Odaban antiperspirant is a "cosmetic product". According to the law, cosmetic products must always be safe. Also for expectant and breastfeeding mothers. Odaban was subjected to several safety assessments before it was launched in Germany, all of which were positive. You can therefore use HYDONIS by Odaban antiperspirant without hesitation during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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  • PVP - Prevents stains from sticking to your teeth in the first place!
  • Hydroxyapatite - Hydroxyapatite has been shown to enhance cavity remineralisation.

    An antiperspirant should not be used during the day. This has the simple background that people sweat more during the day. As a result, the active ingredient aluminium chloride reacts with water to form a by-product and unpleasant skin irritation can occur. It is therefore not advisable to use the product during the day. It is also not advisable to use an antiperspirant after a freshly performed underarm shave, as this leads to extremely small injuries of the skin surface and can cause skin irritation after the application of an antiperspirant.

    A very important aspect when using Odaban antiperspirant is that the skin must be absolutely dry at the time of application. There should be no residual moisture left in the armpit. If there is still residual moisture in the armpit, the effect of the product cannot develop optimally, and the residual moisture can also cause skin irritation, itching or burning. Many users who use Odaban antiperspirant for the first time often have the problem that they still sweat a little in the evening, i.e. that a certain residual moisture can hardly be avoided. In this case, we recommend applying Odaban antiperspirant immediately before going to bed and drying the armpits beforehand with a little talcum powder or a hairdryer. This way, you can ensure that there is no residual moisture left in the armpits.

    Another mistake that is often made during application is that too much Odaban antiperspirant is applied per application. 1 wafer-thin layer per armpit is perfectly sufficient. For sensitive skin, we always recommend application via a cotton wool or cosmetic pad. Please wash off product residues normally the next morning.

    Odaban antiperspirant should only be used once or twice a week after an "initial protection" has been built up.

    In addition, Odaban antiperspirant should not be used too frequently, as this will prevent the spray from achieving the desired effect. The reason for this is that if used too often, the sweat gland outlets will be completely "blocked". The sweat that accumulates behind the blockage will eventually break through this blockage. Consequently, increased sweating occurs again.

    Should this nevertheless be the case, Odaban antiperspirant must not be used for a period of about two to three weeks. After this application-free interval, the effect will be the same as at the beginning of the application.

    Odaban thus remains a very effective, safe product for a long time.