Never sweaty or stinky feet again

The foot and shoe powder works with the natural power of the Kawa - Kawa plant and makes you forget the fear of situations where you have to take off your shoes in the future.

odaban® Foot and Shoe Powder

✅ works on the most stubborn foot odour even in difficult cases
✅ Works already after the first application
✅ Guaranteed effect, otherwise you get your money back
✅ Also ideal for use on sports shoes, work shoes and trainers
✅ Ingredients have a germ-reducing effect on bacteria and fungi
✅ 60-day money-back guarantee

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Protects from the first application and permanently.

Provides active protection against annoying sweaty feet and foot odour

ODABAN foot and shoe powder takes away the unloved stink from feet and shoes. Only certain skin bacteria are responsible for the often embarrassing odour. They attach themselves to the originally neutral foot sweat, decompose it and produce the unpleasant odours. Only ODBAN Foot and Shoe Powder effectively combats these parasitic bacteria. The balance of the body's own protective skin film remains untouched. With its germ-reducing and gently vitalising ingredients, ODABAN foot and shoe powder is therefore the ideal care for feet and shoes at the same time.

Protection against foot and shoe odour

The natural power of the Kawa-Kawa

Kawa-Kawa is a traditional and variously used plant of the indigenous people of Polynesia. ODABAN foot and shoe powder contains an extract of the kawa-kawa root. Together with refreshing peppermint oil, original New Zealand Manuka oil and other active ingredients, Kawa-Kawa stops the most stubborn foot odour even in difficult cases and with heavily used sports shoes. As with all ODABAN products, we give you our money-back guarantee!

How to use ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder

Foot and shoe care has never been so convenient! Before slipping into your shoes, sprinkle a spoonful of ODABAN foot and shoe powder into both shoes. To do this, simply use the practical measuring aid enclosed with each tin.

For shoes worn daily, repeat the treatment for seven consecutive days or until the ODABAN foot and shoe powder is used up. After that, ODABAN keeps your feet and shoes pleasantly fresh and free of any odour for up to six months. Footwear that is rarely worn receives the active protection of ODABAN every time.