odaban® antiperspirant + foot and shoe powder set

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Consisting of 1x odaban Spray + 1 odaban Foot & Shoe Powder

odaban Spray:

✅ Prevents sweating after the 1st application

✅ Prevents odours

✅ Protects your clothes from discolouration by deodorant

✅ Also for use on the underarm, face, hands and feet. Prevents odours

✅ Protects your clothes from discolouration caused by deodorant

✅ Can also be used on armpits, face, hands, feet, chest, scalp

ODABAN Foot & Shoe Powder

✅ Works on the most stubborn foot odour even in difficult cases

✅ Guaranteed to work, otherwise you'll get your money back

✅ Also ideal for use on sports shoes, work shoes and trainers

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100% money back guarantee

odaban® works. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the spray and foot powder.

Antiperspirant Deo Spray

odaban spray helps against sweating

For those affected, increased underarm perspiration is usually a real problem. They are bothered by the unpleasant smell of sweat from underarm wetness, the conspicuous and usually embarrassing sweat stains on their clothes and the insecurity in dealing with other people and in stressful situations. Finally put an end to annoying sweat stains!

Helps against foot and shoe odour

odaban foot powder

Unpleasant foot and shoe odour is usually an embarrassing affair for those affected. Whether work shoes, sneakers or ballerinas - with odaban foot and shoe powder, the annoying mustiness is finally a thing of the past. The powder works naturally with extracts of the Kawa-Kawa plant, is easy to apply and ensures a germ-free atmosphere in the shoe.

odaban® protects

in all situations in life - be it at an important lecture in front of a broad audience, in warm temperatures or simply when being together with other people - and not only in the region of the armpits. odaban - spray can also be used for other skin areas, such as the forehead or back

Guaranteed protection against sweating

Up to 90% less welding flow after only three applications.

Harmless use

odaban® can be used safely, this has been confirmed by the BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment).


odaban® is odourless, you can apply a "normal" deodorant in the morning and not have to miss your favourite scent.

odaban® spray is effective everywhere

Where odaban® can be used

odaban® spray can be used on the entire body.

How to use odaban

Treatment with odaban® spray is simple. Most users will experience that the protective effect already sets in after several applications. You usually only need one or two applications per week.

Apply in the evening before going to bed

Leave on overnight and shower as usual the next morning.

Finally live sweat free