FAQ - Questions & Answers

Do you have any questions about Odaban products, their use or the subject of heavy sweating? Then simply take a look at our FAQs here or contact us directly at info@odaban.de.

1) What options do I have if Odaban does not help in the first application period?

Before some users get their very severe "sweat problem" under control, it is sometimes necessary to apply Odaban antiperspirant every evening for several weeks. It is usually sufficient to apply the antiperspirant once or twice a week after the initial regulation of the sweat flow.

2) How long does a 30 ml spray last?

Depending on your needs, a 30ml Odaban antiperspirant bottle is sufficient for an application period of approx. 8-12 months.

3) Occasionally the Odaban antiperspirant causes me to break out in a rash. What am I doing wrong?

Odaban antiperspirant contains a special composition of protective silicone and other purest ingredients that counteract skin irritation. Skin rash is almost certainly due to applying too much of the antiperspirant or if the skin was not "perfectly" dry at the time of application. Always remember: only squeeze once per application, as a single spray amount is sufficient.

4) Is there independent evidence for the effectiveness of Odaban?

The effectiveness of Odaban antiperspirant has been tested and confirmed by a dermatological institute. One armpit of the test persons, who all showed increased sweat production, was treated with Odaban antiperspirant once a day in the evening for 3 days. The other armpit remained untreated during the test and served as a control. Result: The test persons showed a reduction in the amount of sweat of up to 90% already after 3 days of application, whereby the average sweat reduction was approx. 71%.

5) Is Odaban odourless?

The active substances of Odaban antiperspirant are dissolved in pure alcohol, which evaporates in seconds without leaving even a trace of odour.

6) Is Odaban antiperspirant helpful for denture wearers?

Odaban antiperspirant can help prevent painful blistering or inflammation due to sweat reduction, which can often occur when wearing dentures. If the preparation is used together with a "protective sock", the skin remains in optimal condition.

7) Does Odaban antiperspirant also help when you sweat on your face?

Odaban antiperspirant also helps with excessive sweat production on the face. For this, we recommend spraying the antiperspirant onto a cotton wool or cosmetic pad and dabbing it onto the relevant areas of the face.

8) Is Odaban antiperspirant suitable for all skin types?

People with sensitive skin who are normally allergic to other antiperspirants can also use Odaban antiperspirant.

9) Can it be detrimental to health to stop the flow of sweat?

It is not harmful to regulate perspiration in the affected parts of the body. To cool the body, sweat is excreted from many other parts of the body.

10) Can I also use a "normal" deodorant in addition to the Odaban antiperspirant?

Yes, you can apply a "normal" deodorant in the morning. This is not a problem.

11) Can I shave my armpits before using Odaban antiperspirant?

It is not recommended to shave the armpits directly before or after applying Odaban antiperspirant. We recommend not shaving the areas of skin to be sprayed 24h before and after application.

12) Can I safely use Odaban antiperspirant on my scalp?

You can spray the Odaban antiperspirant directly onto the scalp. Note, however, that you always treat only individual areas of the skin and do not, for example, spray the entire scalp at the same time. Part the hair if necessary, spray on Odaban antiperspirant and massage in with the fingertips. Odaban antiperspirant does not discolour the hair or cause hair loss. Keep your eyes closed and use only small amounts when spraying on.

13) Can I use Odaban antiperspirant all over my body without hesitation?

Yes. You only need as much of the Odaban antiperspirant for each skin area as is sprayed out by pressing once. Apply it thinly with a cosmetic pad (make-up removal pads are good for this). This is an easy way to treat the face and other sensitive skin areas, such as the groin or the area under the breast. Note that the skin must be "perfectly" dry at the time of application. You should therefore wait approx. 30-45 minutes after showering or taking a bath before applying the Odaban antiperspirant.

14) Can I use Odaban antiperspirant during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Yes. Odaban antiperspirant only works on the surface of the skin and is not absorbed by the bloodstream.

15) Can antiperspirants lead to breast cancer?

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has so far not been able to prove a substantiated scientific connection between the body's intake of aluminium from cosmetic products and the demonstrable development of breast cancer. Furthermore, the German Cancer Information Service gives the all-clear regarding the use of cosmetics containing aluminium. (Status May 2014)

16) Odaban antiperspirant helped me very well at first. Now the effect is weakening. What could be the reason for this?

Always remember: Every person is different. Develop your own application method and the problem will solve itself. If you experience sweating, you should use Odaban antiperspirant every evening until you have the perspiration under control again. Don't forget to build up the protection gradually by applying Odaban antiperspirant only very thinly. And don't worry if you need to use it more often than others.

17) Does the aluminium content of Odaban antiperspirant pose a health risk to me in the long term?

The high astringency of the Odaban antiperspirant composition prevents aluminium from being absorbed through the skin. Therefore, the ingredients of the product do not cause any side effects that could result from penetration into the body.

18) Why should Odaban antiperspirant only be applied before going to bed?

Odaban antiperspirant is broken down by water. It is therefore important that it is only ever applied to dry skin. Odaban antiperspirant is therefore applied before going to bed when you are not actively perspiring. If it is used during the day, it can cause skin irritation and stains on clothing.

19) What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

Deodorants mask unpleasant sweat odours with their fragrances or inhibit the development of odour-causing skin bacteria with their antibacterial effect. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, ensure that the skin remains dry and thus the odour cannot develop in the first place.

20) What active substance does Odaban antiperspirant contain?

Odaban antiperspirant contains 20% aluminium chloride as the active ingredient.

21) How long does it take for Odaban antiperspirant to work?

Every individual is different: it usually takes one to four applications before you notice a difference in body freshness. However, it may be necessary to use Odaban once every evening for up to a month before complete protection is achieved.

22) How often should I use Odaban antiperspirant?

It depends on how severe your problem is. Most people have found that once sweating has been regulated, Odaban antiperspirant only needs to be applied once or twice a week.

23) What is the best way to apply Odaban antiperspirant under the armpits?

Apply only one spray with a cotton swab (available for make-up removal), treating only the inner cavity of the armpit, as this is where most sweat glands are located. Men can usually spray Odaban antiperspirant directly into the armpit because the armpit hair acts as a barrier, ensuring that the spray is finely dispersed and avoiding the application of excessive amounts. Some users like to use a hair dryer to dry the underarms and prepare the skin before applying the Odaban antiperspirant or to remove excess spray after application. Others also use talcum powder to dry the skin before application.

24) Is the use of Odaban antiperspirant dangerous to health?

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment states a safe intake level of aluminium for a 60kg adult of 8.6 µg per day.
Odaban antiperspirant releases 1.5 µg of aluminium per spray when used once. Since Odaban antiperspirant only needs to be used once or twice a week, approximately 9 µg of aluminium is released per week. This means that the amount of aluminium released by Odaban antiperspirant is far below the systematic release amount of aluminium-containing antiperspirants calculated by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and far below the intake amount of aluminium tolerable for a 60kg adult.