FAQ - Questions & Answers

Do you have any questions about Odaban products, their use or the subject of heavy sweating? Then simply take a look at our FAQs here or contact us directly at info@odaban.de.

1) What options do I have if Odaban does not help in the first application period?

2) How long does a 30 ml spray last?

3) Occasionally the Odaban antiperspirant causes me to break out in a rash. What am I doing wrong?

4) Is there independent evidence for the effectiveness of Odaban?

5) Is Odaban odourless?

6) Is Odaban antiperspirant helpful for denture wearers?

7) Does Odaban antiperspirant also help when you sweat on your face?

8) Is Odaban antiperspirant suitable for all skin types?

9) Can it be detrimental to health to stop the flow of sweat?

10) Can I also use a "normal" deodorant in addition to the Odaban antiperspirant?

11) Can I shave my armpits before using Odaban antiperspirant?

12) Can I safely use Odaban antiperspirant on my scalp?

13) Can I use Odaban antiperspirant all over my body without hesitation?

14) Can I use Odaban antiperspirant during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

15) Can antiperspirants lead to breast cancer?

16) Odaban antiperspirant helped me very well at first. Now the effect is weakening. What could be the reason for this?

17) Does the aluminium content of Odaban antiperspirant pose a health risk to me in the long term?

18) Why should Odaban antiperspirant only be applied before going to bed?

19) What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

20) What active substance does Odaban antiperspirant contain?

21) How long does it take for Odaban antiperspirant to work?

22) How often should I use Odaban antiperspirant?

23) What is the best way to apply Odaban antiperspirant under the armpits?

24) Is the use of Odaban antiperspirant dangerous to health?